Academic & Industrial Collaboration

General video game playing (from 2016) Game AIs for general video game playing, testing on a wide range of single-player and 2-player games using the General Video Game AI (GVG-AI) platform.

AI-assisted game design (from 2016) Automatic game design and parameter tuning using black-box noisy optimisation algorithms, such as Evolution Algorithms.

''EverydayTravelApp'' (from 2016) Collaboration with the Essex County Council for developing mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms, which allow users to view travel conditions across their preferred modes of travel for their highlighted journeys and places, taking into account the status of the traffic (e.g. delay caused by incidents), and propose alternative travel choices. The app is available on Apple Store and Play Store.

Energy planning: I worked on an ADEME project, POST ("Plateforme d'Optimisation des Supergrids Transcontinentaux"), which is a collaboration between INRIA and Artelys, a company specialised in optimisation, decision-support and modelling. Besides the research part, I also participated in improving Metis, platform developed by INRIA and Artelys, specialised in the optimisation and modelling in energy investment problem (2013-2015).

eTeaching: I worked on a non-profit eTeaching project with National University of Tainan, Taiwan (2015).


Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on Games (ToG).


IEEE Transactions on Games (ToG).

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (TEVC).

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (SMC).

Other program committee

Advisory board of the MARLO Competition organised by Microsoft Research and QMUL.

Advisory board of the Generative Design in Minecraft Competition.

Program committee member of GECCO (since 2015), IJCAI (since 2016), AIIDE (since 2016), AAAI (since 2018), CEC, CG and CIG.

Organisation Committee

Competition Chair at the 2019 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC19).

Program Co-Chair of the 2018 IEEE Conference of Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG2018).

Co-Chair of Special Session on CIG at the 2017 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC17).

Organiser of the Learning track of GVG-AI Competition.

I co-organized the Workshop on Open Power Systems in Paris, France (2015).

I co-organized Indema2015's one-week academy, research and industry meetings, (collaboration between INRIA and NSC) in Lyon, France (2015).

Roles in IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS)

Since 2017: Chair of Student Games-Based Competition Sub-Committee.

Since 2017: Council member of the Webinars Sub-Committee.

Since 2017: Council member of the Young Professionals Sub-Committee.

Since 2016: Council member of the Games Technical Committee (GTC).

Since 2015: Council member of the Women in Computational Intelligence Sub-Committee.


Athena SWAN team member at CSEE, University of Essex.

Council member of AAHUSTF (Alumni Association of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in France), 2015-2016.

Council member of AICF (Association des Ingénieurs Chinois en France), 2010-2016.

Leisure : yoga, climbing, cuisine.